Pittsburgh Yards® – Holiday Gift & Giving Guide

06 November 2022
Pittsburgh Yards








Weathered Not Worn – https://weatherednotworn.com/

A House Called Hue – https://ahousecalledhue.com/

Frugal Chics Roc Inc. – https://www.frugalchicsroc.com/

MBM Collectionz LLC – https://mbmcollectionz.com/ (clothing services)

Fashion Workshops LLC, DIY sewing kits and kids crafts – https://square.site/book/YV65C07YG4WTD/fashion-workshops-llc

The Village Market – The Village Market



Lawton Sausage Company – https://www.lawtonsausagecompany.com/

Carrot Dog, Vegan Fast Food – https://carrotdogatl.com/home-1

Nany’s Soul and Sweets – https://nanyssoulsweets.jimdofree.com/

Urban Oak Initiative – https://urbanoakfood.org/

It’s All Good & Then Some – https://itsallgoodthensome.com/

West End Community Urban Garden – https://www.thegardenqueen.com/

Star Walker Industries (water) – https://starwalkerindustries.com/

Jayidache Herbal Tea Spot – https://jayidache.com/

Sweet Sol Hot Sauce – https://www.gangstastogrowers.com/sweet-sol





Women Engaged – https://www.womenengaged.vote/

Repair The World (Volunteer Opportunities) – https://www.atlantajewishconnector.com/organization/repair-the-world/

Father’s Incorporated – https://fathersincorporated.com/

Single Parent Emergency Assistance Directive Inc – https://spead4872.wixsite.com/4872

Gift of Life Mission Inc. – https://www.giftoflifemission.com/

Georgia Reconnecting Youth – https://www.georgiareconnectingyouth.org/

West End Community Urban Garden – https://www.thegardenqueen.com/

BRAG Dream Team – https://www.bragdreamteam.org/home


Painting with a Purpose LLC/Village Market/Our Village United/Jayidache Tea



Our Village United supports black solopreneurs and micro businesses – https://ourvillageunited.org/

Kristy Chanel Interior, Interior Design Services – https://www.kristychanelinteriors.com/

Your Crescendo, Strategic management services – https://www.linkedin.com/company/your-crescendo/

One Touch Tax Service LLC – https://www.onetouchtaxes.net/

Kentwood Accounting Services – https://www.facebook.com/kentwoodllc/

DDH Tax Services – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063797509686

Virtual Professionals LLC – https://www.linkedin.com/company/virtual-professionals-llc/about/

American Youth Arts Society – https://www.americanyouthartssociety.org/

Slug LLC – https://www.slugglobal.com/

Aspire Construction and Real Estate Consulting LLC. – https://www.aspireconstructionre.com/

Urban Heat ATL – https://urbanheatatl.org/

Tarchitects LLC – https://www.tarchitects.org/

L David Design, LLC (Interior Design) – https://www.ldavisdesignatl.com/

Jackson Protection Agency – http://www.jacksonprotectionagency.com/

Badie Designs LLC, Marketing and Creative Serviceshttps://www.badiedesigns.com/

The Lifestyle Dietitian – https://thelifestyledietitian.com/

Urban Heat ATL – https://urbanheatatl.org/

Street Smart Youth Project – https://www.streetsmartyouthproject.org/

TY Pleas –  https://www.typleas.com/


Aspire Construction and Design/Georgia Reconnecting Youth/Radical Adventure Riders



The Happy Black Parent – https://thehappyblackparent.com/

Single Parent Emergency Assistance Directive Inc. (assisting single parents within 48 to 72 hours) – https://spead4872.wixsite.com/4872

Takes a Village Transportation LLC (Transportation program for families) – https://www.tavt4families.com/

Next Generation Men and Women (mentoring services) – https://nextgenatl.org/


Sweet Sol Hot Sauce, One Touch Tax Services, Father’s Incorporated.


Entertainment and Experiences

Phenomenal Media Productions – http://www.phenomenalmediaproductions.com/


Radical Adventure Ridershttps://radicaladventureriders.com/crew

 For more information about any of our businesses at Pittsburgh Yards – contact us here