Where you operate has the power to catalyze economic equity and generational prosperity. Design and build your base of operations and become a vital anchor within a mission-driven business ecosystem.

Long-term ground leases of pad-ready sites are available for businesses and other community-focused entities who want to help realize the mission of Pittsburgh Yards® by constructing their own buildings.

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    • Direct access to the Atlanta BeltLine Southside Trail
    • Rare opportunity to design/build your building within a mission-based master planned development
    • Long-term ground leases
    • Pad sites ranging in sizes up to 1.83 acres
    • Infrastructure in place for establishing utility connections, stormwater management and landscaping
    • Immediate access to I-85/75 and within two miles of I-20
    • Minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Ft. McPherson
    • 200+ free parking spaces in lighted lots and along private streets, with overflow and event parking
    • 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations
    • Multiple bike racks
    • Served by two MARTA bus routes
    • 12-minute bike ride to two MARTA stations

    Criteria for Ground-Lease Tenant Selection

    Pittsburgh Yards is committed to selecting pad site tenants who meet as many of the following criteria as possible to uphold the purpose of Pittsburgh Yards. Criteria are based on priorities communicated by residents through various community engagement processes over the last several years, including the Economic Development Institute, study circles, the Brownfields Charrette, the developer selection process, the formation of developer guidelines and a recent community working group.

    We are looking for site partners that will have a positive community impact, as evidenced by:

    • A past record of community contributions, such as employee volunteerism and sponsoring community activities;
    • Meaningful engagement with the community, such as offering tours, providing job shadowing opportunities and sharing information with community groups;
    • A commitment to partnering with community-based assets, such as local workforce development organizations, community centers and businesses;
    • The provision of goods or services that are complementary or will otherwise positively impact other local businesses/entities; and
    • The provision of products or services that are deemed useful by the community.

    We are looking for site partners that will improve economic opportunities for residents:

    • A track record of hiring from the local labor pool;
    • A commitment to hiring second-chance employees (people with a criminal record);
    • A commitment to hiring local residents as interns or part-time employees while they complete their education;
    • A commitment to reporting and sharing data on a continuous basis;
    • The provision of professional development opportunities to employees;
    • The provision of opportunities that lead to wage progression;
    • A percentage of new jobs that will potentially be available for local residents;
    • A commitment to providing jobs at a living wage and jobs with benefits;
    • A commitment to providing jobs that are accessible to those whose highest educational level is a GED, high school diploma or a post-secondary credential;
    • The provision of positions with transferable skills or from high-demand occupations;
    • The provision of positions that offer opportunities for career growth;
    • A record of retaining long-term employees;
    • A percentage of new positions (in lieu of relocating employees from other sites); and
    • Reasonable job density (minimum is one employee per 1,000 sf of occupied space).

    We are looking for site partners that are financially sustainable and competitive:

    • Projected growth within the relevant industry;
    • A long-term management/succession plan;
    • Financial readiness to locate at Pittsburgh Yards (percentage of funding raised for ground leasing, construction and relocation costs);
    • Strength of financing plan to locate, and sustain location, at Pittsburgh Yards with a plan for closing any funding gaps;
    • Proof that the company’s financials are in good standing; and
    • A viable business model.

    We are looking for site partners that can help create a unique sense of place:

    • The potential to attract other complementary and diverse tenants;
    • A balance of opportunity within the overall site (industry mix);
    • A willingness to include public art and/or Pittsburgh Yards’ color palette in the exterior design;
    • A commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of environmentally sound products and practices;
    • A willingness to pursue LEED certification; and
    • Accretion to culture of the property.

    We are looking for site partners who will maximize the use of the land for beneficial job creation while also integrating with the community:

    • A desire/willingness to go multi- versus single-story;
    • Minimal parking space requirements for employees; and
    • Levels of car and truck traffic that integrate well with the site and the community.