Inside PY Episode 2: Collaborating With Colleagues

16 March 2024
Pittsburgh Yards


From Pittsburgh Yards based Saron Brooks Hodges of Phenomenal Media Productions.

“I’ve been a storyteller since I was a teenager. I started out as a high school journalist, and I’ve covered the gamut from local government to the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. Murder trials, and I even served as a media witness to an execution. But these days I get the most professional fulfillment from telling the stories of black entrepreneurs.

One of my company’s products is a streaming program called Inside PY, which highlights the unique entrepreurial echosystem at Pittsburgh Yards®. We just published a new episode that features three dynamic businesses: Aspire Construction & Design, Nyota Melanie Boutique, and Ty Pleas & Co Multimedia.”

I’m sharing the promo below, but you can watch it on The PMP Network on YouTube at:

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