Pittsburgh Yards Still Bringing the Smoke to This Neighborhood

11 March 2023
Pittsburgh Yards

March 9th, 2023

Atlanta Tribune and Atlanta Daily World – Roz Edward


Pittsburgh Yards Still Bringing the Smoke to This Neighborhood

After more than four decades of economic neglect and political volleying, one of Atlanta’s oldest and most beloved communities is getting the attention of the city and the nation. The Pittsburgh neighborhood bordered by University Avenue, Pryor Street, Ralph Abernathy Blvd. and Metropolitan Parkway is on track to becoming proof positive of how thoughtful planning and strategic reinvestment can revitalize a community and resurrect the dreams of its residents.

The cornerstone of Pittsburgh’s comeback is a state-of-the-art business and community center on 31 acres of former farmland used by Clark College’s agricultural department to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the community just southeast of I-20 on University Avenue in Atlanta.

Now the property located along the Atlanta Beltline houses more than 140 Black-owned and operated businesses and organizations is a gleaming example of community and economic development done right.