Video Recap: December 2021 Virtual Community Meeting

17 December 2021
Pittsburgh Yards

Pittsburgh Yards® hosted its monthly virtual community update meeting for December 2021. Join Community Engagement Manager, Tameka Phillips, and Property Manager, Walter Slaton, of Colliers at Pittsburgh Yards as they and others from the development team present a regular update on move-ins and neighboring developments at Pittsburgh Yards in Atlanta, Georgia.

This virtual community meeting included featured guest speakers from Kiva and Village Micro Fund, and our Tenant Spotlight from Trina Pippin with Connecting the Gap Empowerment Group. Along with Pittsburgh and NPU-V community members, stakeholders, and the public to take part in topics of discussion that included updates regarding Pittsburgh Yards community and entrepreneurial events, guest speaker topics. The session was rounded out with updates about property management updates and a Q&A from attendees.

For those unable to join us live, please see below for a video recording of the meeting. Catch up on all the latest that’s happening at Pittsburgh Yards, then share your thoughts with us on social media!

Watch the video:


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