Nurturing Growth: The Green Scape Overhaul at Pittsburgh Yards’ Nia Building

03 June 2024
Pittsburgh Yards

At Pittsburgh Yards, we believe in the power of growth, sustainability, and community. These values are reflected in the businesses and entrepreneurs that thrive here and in the vibrant environment we cultivate within our spaces. One of the most significant symbols of this growth is the stunning Fiddle Leaf Fig greenscape in the Nia Building.

Installed before the building opened to the public in 2021, the Fiddle Leaf Fig has flourished, much like the enterprises it watches over. This past weekend, on June 1st, 2024, we were thrilled to witness a major overhaul of this iconic landscape. This update is more than a simple refresh; it’s a celebration of our journey and an investment in our future.

The updated greenscape will continue to remind us of our dedication to sustainability and progress. Just as plants need the right conditions to thrive, so do businesses. By nurturing both, we create a harmonious ecosystem where innovation and growth can flourish hand in hand. A special thank you to Wendy Walraven and the team from Electic Plant Goods, who have managed this greenscape and all of the beautiful plants in The Nia Building at Pittsburgh Yards.

We invite you to visit the Nia Building and experience the renewed Fiddle Leaf Fig green scape. Let it inspire you, as it has inspired us, to embrace growth, balance, and the endless possibilities of a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone!





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