Shipping Container Courtyard – Invest Atlanta Accelerate Southside Program

01 July 2019
Pittsburgh Yards

“Invest Atlanta, in partnership with The Guild, is excited to launch the Accelerate Southside program. This program is designed to assist minority-owned businesses, located in the Southside, with business acceleration and growth in addition to owning their own space as a wealth-building tool.

Accelerate Southside is a two-part pilot program comprising of an immersive business accelerator training offered by The Guild (2019 Community Wealth Building Business Accelerator) + Accelerate Southside (Commercial Down Payment Assistance Program). With a focus on the 30-acre Pittsburgh Yards site located on the Atlanta Beltline, the program will support entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a shipping container to locate at the Pittsburgh Yards Shipping Container Garden…”


DEADLINE: 15 July 2019